Building Valuable 21st Century Skills & Competencies

At Kids DiscoveryWorks, we believe that education should prepare children for a world where success will require more flexibility, creativity, innovation and social intelligence than ever before.

The preschool and primary school years are critical times in a child's development. To truly engage children at this stage in their learning, education must encourage a child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm, and be enriched by exploration, discovery, problem-solving and creative thinking.

With the pressure to raise test scores, however, many schools have limited time to devote to hands-on activities. Kids DiscoveryWorks fills this gap.


Through role-playing, experimentation, investigation, and open-ended discussion, our unique curriculum and project-based activities build a bridge from your child’s interests to subjects like math, engineering and science. Children will learn to creatively solve real-world problems, troubleshoot solutions and learn from failure. In the process, they will:

Develop their powers of observation


Learn to plan ahead and to see mistakes as opportunities to learn

Learn to work both independently and collaboratively with peers

Learn to appreciate the relevance of science and math in their daily lives

Gain confidence in their ability to evaluate data, make deductions or predictions, and creatively solve problems

Build on their natural enthusiasm to understand and investigate the world around them