The Animation Lab

Have aspiring film-makers at home? Introduce them to the exciting world of animation!


Lights, camera, action! In this exciting program, students will take a peek behind the scenes and discover the magic of animation! Learn the science and history behind the art, and how animators create the illusion of movement with still images. Experiment with different media to create short stop motion animated films and discover how to create sound effects for movies and cartoons! 

Junior animators will go behind the scenes and learn about the filmmaking process, from storyboarding to video editing and sound effect creation. As they work in small teams and with different materials to bring their stories to life, kids will:

  • Discover the fundamentals of storytelling and scriptwriting

  • Learn how to capture stop-motion frames and animate characters

  • Explore the features of animation software to edit images, add sound effects and music, and edit the video timeline