SuperHero Science:

No Way Home

Our friendly neighborhood web-slinger’s identity has been revealed! When Peter enlists Doctor Strange’s help to restore his secret, he only makes things worse. The spell shatters the multiverse, allowing dangerous foes from other worlds to enter and wreak havoc on our city!


As our best & brightest S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, your child has been selected to help Spider-Man in battle. Clear blocked passageways, destroy enemy drones, distract and defeat supervillains like Green Goblin, Doc Ock and Sandman - Earth depends on you! Kids will have a blast taking on mission-based STEM challenges, which will include:

  • Discovering the forces of aerodynamics & Newton's 3 Laws of Motion...with rockets!

  • Experimenting with the mysterious and strange behavior of granular materials and non-Newtonian fluids...with DIY Venom slime!

  • Engineering with the force of friction and potential & kinetic energy...and designing a marble run escape ramp to save MJ!

  • Exploring nanotechnology, and so much more!

What Parents Say

"Kudos to the team at Kids DiscoveryWorks! Ryan enjoyed his SuperHero Science and Once Upon a Time science camps tremendously...parachuting eggs, boat making and buoyancy competitions, exploding coke geysers, zipline escapes...WOW! I especially loved seeing the kiddos in their lab coats and goggles doing experiments, they even had woolly gloves for snowman making...much attention to detail for an awesome learning experience! Thank you!"

Shahron Leong, Ryan's mummy