Whizz, Pop, Bang!

Discover the amazing world of science through exciting hands-on experiments!


Introduce your child to the wonderful and amazing world of science! In this program, young Scientists and Explorers will embark on an exciting exploration of physics and chemistry through engaging, hands-on experiments that promise ooey-gooey, fizzy fun! Campers will be grouped by age into classes. A great way to make  your child’s first memories of science fun and meaningful! 

Kids will delight in hands-on learning activities that may include: 

  • Discovering the forces of aerodynamics…with stomp rockets!

  • Exploring states of matter and the science of phase changes…with dry ice! 

  • Experimenting with the properties of water – with the ancient Japanese art of suminagashi

  • Learning the secrets of non-Newtonian fluids and polymers...with oobleck, slime and much, much more! 

What Parents Say

"I enrolled my 5yo for Whizz, Pop, Bang! sessions at Kids DiscoveryWorks. On the first day, he enjoyed it so much, he actually told me he didn't want the day's session to end. At home, he couldn't stop talking about all the concepts he had learnt and the experiments he did. It's amazing how the instructors managed to introduce science concepts in such an engaging and easily understandable way that he was able to grasp and explain to me things I only learned in secondary school."

Felicia Tan, Gabriel's mummy