NASA Robotics: Rescue Rovers & Return to Planet Mako

Aspiring engineers are tasked with an exciting mission: design and program NASA's next generation space rover!  


Launch young engineers on a space exploration adventure! In these fun introductory robotics programs, kids will build, program and test progressively more challenging rover designs. Young engineers will discover how to use programming, motors, sensors and attachments to make their robots complete task-based challenges and missions. From collecting rock samples whilst evading sand traps and craters, to mapping out potential rocket landing sites and battling rogue alien rovers in the ring sumo-style, kids will have a blast discovering the scientific and engineering challenges of space exploration, coding and robotics!

In Rescue Rovers, engineers will be given a foundation in the basics of robotics and coding as they work through various challenges to rescue astronauts stranded on an alien planet. Students will be introduced to the concept of algorithms and machine learning, and will develop their logical and critical thinking skills, and learn about coding terminology and flow. They'll have a blast:

  • Learning about NASA's Mars Exploration Program

  • Discovering the fundamentals of block-based coding and basic programming logic, and how robot motion is realized

  • Exploring the working principles of commonly used sensors (motion, light, etc)

  • Honing their creativity and critical problem-solving skills as they learn to analyze construction challenges and break large problems down into smaller ones, and so much more!

Meanwhile, in Return to Planet Mako, students will gain experience with advanced robotics with an introduction to the concept of building mechanisms like gears and motors and the complexities of IR signals. By building and coding their own robots, students will develop their motor skills, critical thinking skills and learn to apply coding logic to different types of motor layouts. They will get to apply these skills to various challenges as they help astronauts develop a space colony.