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Our Story

Kids DiscoveryWorks brings Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) to kindergarten and primary school children in Singapore. A pioneer in STEM education, our company has become Singapore's preferred STEM enrichment provider. Our unique and innovative curriculum inspires children to build on their natural curiosity through hands-on experiments, fun & engaging learning games and Makerspace/engineering projects that encourage collaborative problem-solving, discovery and exploratory learning. 

In addition to running classes, camps and workshops at our own center, we service many of Singapore's leading kindergartens, primary schools and international schools. 

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Our Popular Programs


Discover the science and technology of the MCU! In this exciting program, students will learn that the technology of Spiderman: No Way Home is not as farfetched as we think! Kids will have a blast exploring nanotechnology, non-Newtonian fluids, Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and more! 

A dead body has been reported! In this fun forensic science program and murder mystery whodunnit, aspiring C.S.I.s and Among Us fans will try their hand at scientific crime-solving and learn all about fingerprinting, forensic chemistry, DNA, heredity, blood typing and more to identify the Imposter. Who killed Cyan?? Red looks sus but Pink has no alibi...

Harnessing the power of beloved children’s stories such as Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff, this program introduces science & engineering concepts in a funny & engaging way through fun hands-on experiments and tinkering projects.

Embark on an exciting exploration of physics and chemistry with engaging learning games and awesome hands-on experiments that promise ooey-gooey, fizzy fun! A great program for beginners or curious learners that want a little bit of everything!

In this fun & engaging STEM program, trainee agents and spymasters will undergo training at our unique spy school. From exploring the science of sound and engineering their own trip alarms, to studying cryptology to crack coded messages, kids will have a blast with each mission.

Calling all A.C.M.E. Agents! World-renowned master criminal Carmen Sandiego has stolen Acme’s time transponder and has sent her V.I.L.E. villains back to various moments in Earth’s history. Using the powers of Mathematics, agents must follow the clues left behind to track down the villains and return precious artifacts to their right place in time – or the course of Earth’s history will never be the same again! From learning about Fibonacci’s sequence and number patterns for code-breaking, to learning about area and volume with the Egyptian pyramids, kids will never look at Math the same way again after this time-travel adventure!

In this fascinating food science program, students will explore the intricate chemistry of cooking and baking! Chefs will discover how chemical reactions can impact the texture and flavor of dishes as they engage in hands-on cooking projects and edible science adventures.

Calling all aspiring Pokemon trainers! Professor Angsana, the world-famous Pokémon Professor, is putting together a team to form the Pokémon Research League. Earn gym badges by completing tasks set by gym leaders from Johto, Kanto, Alola and more. Trainers will have a blast exploring the science of combustion with Charmander…through “explosive” visual demonstrations and experiments! Experimenting with thermochromism…and making color-changing Ditto! Harnessing the power of air pressure and electromagnetism with Pikachu and Magnemite to engineer their own DIY vacuums, and more!

In this fun introduction to robotics, engineers will learn to build and program progressively more challenging robots using LEGO Spike Prime robotics and Scratch-based programming software. Using coding, sensors and attachments, they will discover how to make their robots perform specific tasks and battle their bots in the ring!

In this unique STEM program, science meets robotics for an exciting learning adventure! Young geologists and engineers will race across the globe to save the world from a series of catastrophic natural events from devastating earthquakes to volcanic eruptions! Students will learn the science behind natural disasters through hands-on experiments and then apply their learning to tackle related STEM challenges using LEGO Spike robotics. From engineering skyscrapers that can withstand violent earthquakes to designing communities to survive volcanic hazards, students will enjoy applying their newfound understanding of natural phenomenon and engineering design concepts to real-life situations. 

In this exciting space adventure, engineers are tasked with a mission: design and program NASA's next generation space rover to help rescue astronauts stranded on a faraway planet! On the way, they will learn the fundamentals of block-based coding and hone their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Lights, camera, action! In this exciting program, aspiring filmmakers will take a peek behind the scenes and discover the magic of animation! Learn the science and history behind the art, and how animators create the illusion of movement through still images. Experiment with different media to create short stop motion animation films and discover how to create sound effects for movies and cartoons!

With 20+ programs ranging from science and math to robotics, we have something for everyone!

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