Pokemon: Earth & Sky

Calling all aspiring Pokemon trainers! 


Professor Angsana, the world-famous Pokemon Professor, is putting together a team to form the Pokemon Research League. Earn gym badges by completing tasks set by gym leaders from Johto, Kanto, Alola and more, all while learning about our natural world. Trainers will have a blast exploring chemistry and physics through exciting visual demonstrations, learning games and hands-on experiments, all while helping their favorite Pokemon! Activities include:

  • Exploring the science of combustion with Charmander...through "explosive" visual demonstrations and experiments!

  • Harnessing the power of air pressure & electromagnetism with Pikachu and Magnemite to engineer their own DIY vacuums and "home" power generators!

  • Experimenting with thermochromism...and making color-changing Ditto slime, and so much more!