Doomsday: Earth Rescue

A massive asteroid has collided with our Moon, precipitating a series of natural disasters on Earth!


In this exciting and unique STEM program, science meets robotics for an exciting learning adventure! Aspiring geologists and engineers will race against time and across the globe to save the world from a series of catastrophic events, including devasting earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions! Taught by a real life volcanologist and engineer, students will discover the science behind some of the most devastating natural disasters on our planet through fun, hands-on science experiments every morning. Then, in the afternoon, they'll apply what they've learned to tackle engaging related STEM challenges using Lego SPIKE robotics and Scratch-based programming software. From designing communities to survive volcanic hazards to engineering skyscrapers to withstand violent earthquakes, kids will enjoy applying their newfound understanding of natural phenomenon and engineering design concepts to real-life situations.