LEGO Robotics: Battlebots!

Unleash your creativity with robotics!


In this fun introduction to robotics a nd programming, kids will learn how to design and program progressively more challenging robots using LEGO SPIKE robotics.  LEGO Education SPIKE Prime STEM lesson plans are designed to help students develop the critical thinking skills needed to solve complex problems. Combining easy-to-use hardware and intuitive drag-and-drop coding software, y oung engineers will learn how to build their bots, equip them with sensors and attachments to perform tasks and then pit their creations against each other in a mini competition to complete missions!

On the way, students will be introduced to the concept of algorithms, and will develop their logical problem solving skills. They'll have a blast:

  • Discovering the fundamentals of block-based coding and basic programming logic, and how robot motion is realized

  • Exploring the working principles of sensors

  • Honing their creativity as they learn to analyze construction challenges and break large problems down into smaller ones 

 A great way for campers to determine in a short, fun, low anxiety environment whether they would be interested and suited to join FIRST LEGO League robotics competitions in future.